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Whisper Phones Make it Easier to Practice Your Voice

Updated: Jun 11

Whisper phones are transformative to voice practice! Using this simple device, it becomes easy to perceive subtle vocal differences.

What are Whisper Phones?

Whisper phones are small, easy to make devices that resemble an old fashioned telephone receiver. When held between your mouth and ear in voice therapy, whisper phones provide a direct auditory feedback loop that helps you perceive even subtle voice modifications. By channeling sound directly from your mouth to your ear, the slightly louder volume makes it easier to tell which techniques effectively improve your speech clarity. While simple, the results can make it a lot easier to tell how other people perceive your voice.

How do Whisper Phones work?

Whisper phone's function is based on perceptual acoustics. Sound waves travel from the end of the phone that you talk into, and arrive at your ear amplified. The amplified sound waves that only traveled through the air more accurately represent what other people hear when you speak. This amplification makes your voice more pronounced, allowing you to more easily hear nuances in your resonance, pitch, and tone. The immediate feedback also helps with self-correction and refining your voice in real time.

How do you make a Whisper Phone?

While you can purchase Whisper Phones pre-made, commercially available Whisper Phones are commonly child-sized. They're sometimes called Phonics Phones. Fortunately, they're simple to make from inexpensive materials you can acquire at the hardware store.

You will need the following components:

  • 2 PVC pipe elbows

The PVC pipe elbows should have 90 degree angles, and 1" diameter.

  • 1" PVC pipe

The straight piece of PVC pipe should be the same length as the distance between your mouth and ear, which is typically 3-4" long. They do sell colored PVC pipes online, but white works perfectly.


  • PVC pipe cutter, or a hacksaw

  • Sandpaper

If you're not buying PVC cut to size, you'll need to use a PVC pipe cutter or a hacksaw. Be sure to be safe when cutting! Once cut, sandpaper will smooth the edges.

  • Duct tape

If you want to permanently attach the PVC pieces, duct tape can be used. Duct tape has the added benefit of decorating your Whisper Phone.


  • First, ensure your pipe is the correct length, and the ends are smooth.

  • Then, take one of the PVC elbow joints, and insert one end of the short pipe into the opening of the elbow joint.

  • Next, attach the other elbow joint to the opposite end of the pipe, creating a simple "telephone receiver" shape.

  • After that, ensure the fittings are snug and secure.

If you want to add duct tape, this is the time to decorate. Just be sure the tape doesn't obstruct the opening or the inside of the pipe.

  • Finally, test your Whisper Phone! Hold one elbow joint to your ear, and speak softly into the other elbow joint. Try changing different vocal characteristics, and see how that changes your voice. You should now have good perception of your voice while it is amplified by the Whisper Phone.

By taking advantage of all the clarity speech & voice therapy in combination with a Whisper Phone can offer, you can more easily transition your voice gender.

Are you interested in transitioning your voice to sound more feminine, androgynous, masculine, or fluid? Transgender Voice Therapy can help!

With twenty eight combined years of experience in providing gender affirming voice care, our team of gender voice experts is ready to help you find your voice!

Schedule a free phone consultation on our website today:

Tallulah Breslin, MS, CCC/SLP (she/they)

Gender affirming voice specialist

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