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Texas and Beyond Resources for Transgender and Non-Binary People and Allies

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This post will be updated as new resources are located- it is a working document. Links are included for further reading and to specify the source of the information. Recommendations for additions to this list are appreciated, as are any concerns about included resources. We do not have personal experience with the majority of these businesses, so do not consider inclusion here as our personal or medical recommendation.

Support Gender Diverse People with Their Work

  • Niles Zee Photographs

  • Rocky Lane, Virtual Personal Trainer at Autonomy Movement in Austin

  • T4T Caregiving Trans caregivers for post-op in home recovery care

  • Hex Will Do It We have personally used their services and recommend them

  • Tai Earthman, realtor in Austin with Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

  • Camille Lema with Camille Simone Lema art. Indigenous folk art that celebrates people of color and the beauty and magic found in nature. From prints to altar boxes to custom wood paintings, these pieces will bring light into the spaces they enter.

  • Vanessa Linn Hillis with They Them consulting optimizes business processes with a team and gender inclusive lens through HIPAA compliance, operations, and business consulting services.

  • Mel Dingus with Georgetown Texas Kung Fu & Tai Chi Offering Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi to ages 8 and up in the Georgetown area. Trans-owned and operated. In person and zoom classes available.

  • Maximillian Alexander with Allegro Adagio Music Lessons. Offers virtual music lessons with a qualified, certified orchestra director. Maximillian is a trans man and certified music educator who offers private virtual lessons on violin, viola, and cello. He teaches adults and children above 8 and is very passionate about helping you reach your music goals!

  • Alexis Pratchett with Cute & Curvy Photography. Affirming, body positive intimate photography shoots. We recommend Alexis for photography.


Communication / Bodily Hexis

Speech Language Pathologists

  • Tallulah Breslin, MS, CCC/SLP Gender affirming voice training for all gender's speaking voices to those in Texas, Kansas, and Michigan. Teaches workshops to train voice professionals to provider effective, efficient, inclusive, and affirming voice training. Also offers professional consultations and public speeches on gender affirming voice training, cultural competency, and gender inclusive healthcare practices. Can provide speech, language, voice, communication and cognitive therapy in situations where clients are struggling to find inclusive care in these areas or need advanced expertise. Teens and adults. Accepts BCBS, Oscar, and Medicare, and can help navigate requesting single provider agreements from other insurance companies. Also offers an income-based sliding scale to those in need. This is me- the provider who created and maintains this resource. I hope it helps! :)

  • Zoe Weinstein, MS, CCC/SLP Gender affirming voice training for all speaking voices, specializing in masculine and androgynous voices. English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese. All can help with self-directed therapy for neurodivergent adults, accent modification, articulation therapy, and early childhood development. Zoe is queer, agender, and has lived experience changing their own voice gender. Accepts BCBS, offers sliding scale when needed, and is licensed in New York and Texas. Zoe is part of our team. Tallulah has trained them and recommends them as a skilled, culturally-competent voice teacher with expertise in gender affirming voice training.  

  • Krithika Ganesan, MS, CCC/SLP Virtual gender affirming voice training for singing and speaking voice. Krithika's extensive music background allows her to train both gender affirming vocal techniques and improve singing abilities. Licensed in California and Texas. Krithika is part of our team. Tallulah has trained her and recommends her as a skilled, culturally-competent voice teacher with expertise in gender affirming singing voice training.

  • Kari Meissner, MS, CCC/SLP (she/her) Virtual gender affirming voice training for speaking voice, with additional expertise in fluency (stuttering), pragmatic language (social skills), and articulation. Accepts BCBS insurance. Licensed in California and Texas. Kari is part of our team. Tallulah has trained her and recommends her as a skilled, culturally-competent voice teacher with expertise in gender affirming voice training and fluency.

  • Megan McFarland, MS, CCC/SLP (she/her) Virtual gender affirming voice training for speaking and singing voice, with additional expertise in child development and AAC (augmentative and alternative communication). Licensed in California and Texas. Megan is part of our team. Tallulah has trained her and recommends her as a skilled, culturally-competent voice teacher with expertise in gender affirming voice training.

  • Emily McCullough, MA, CCC/SLP Treats pediatric autism, & language, communication, and articulation disorders. Bilingual English/Spanish. We have personally screened this SLP and recommend her as a culturally-competent provider.

Gender Neutral Name and Title Ideas

  • Lindsey Danis gender neutral character names for writers

  • Nonbinary wiki

  • Gender Queeries Gender neutral/ queer titles

  • Same-sexparents Gender Neutral/Non-Binary Parent Titles

  • Example of one way to be inclusive with child naming: choose at least two total names (a middle and a first name), one remarkable and one common, and at least one gender neutral. For example, for a child assigned female at birth: Charlie Lilybelle, for a child assigned male at birth: Ryan Fox, and for an entirely gender neutral name: Kaden Bailey.

Voice Practice Tools

  • Backstage Monologues for oral reading practice

  • Virtual piano or Virtual guitar for pitch matching

  • Microphone test Use for computer microphone troubleshooting

  • Interactive International Phonetic Alphabet chart allows you to hear what the different symbols we use to represent the sounds of spoken languages sound like. IPA stands for the international phonetic alphabet.

  • AmPitch Real-time scrolling pitch analyzer- displays both pitch and amplitude, and can be configured for different voices

  • WASP2 Record and save live audio, and "real-time" display speech as a waveform, narrow and wide band spectrogram, and pitch track. This is the first spectrogram software that I used when I started my private practice, before I upgraded to VoceVista.

  • MRI of Anna-Maria Hefele singing What's happening on the inside when you sing in different pitch ranges

  • Laryngoscopy during vocal play Watch the vocal folds on video

  • Pink Trombone Hear how different changes you make affect speech sounds

  • Petralex and Microphone Live microphone loop back apps. Have a little latency, but allow you to listen to yourself while you're doing voice practice.

  • Tiny Piano app is a great mobile tool for pitch matching. The notes are conveniently written at the bottom of the keys. Per my research review, masculine speakers stereotypically use E2-E3, androgynous or gender neutral speakers use A2-G3, and feminine speakers use D3-C4 speaking range.

  • is a web-based app that visualizes pitch and resonance of voices over time in a 2-dimensional space.

  • ScienceMusic: free, web-based "real-time" narrow and wide band spectrography.

Gender Voice Communities


Visual Elements


Half or short binders restrict breathing and speech less than full length binders. Binding breasts risks damaging your breast tissue. If you're binding you'll want to be aware of your breathing patterns to make sure you aren't shallow breathing. Do not bind with Ace Bandage or Saran Wrap- your lungs and ribs thank you.

  • Binding 101 by genderbands (and also occasionally free binders)

  • Dr. William Powers method for determining binder fit: four fingers inserted under the side of the binder should stay flat, if the fingers are pressed in the binder is too tight.

  • Point of Pride free chest binders program long waitlist

  • Underworks compression undergarments including chest binders

  • Flavnt skintone skin tone chest binders, birch - onyx

  • LeoLines binders & gender neutral lingerie on Etsy

  • Spectrum Outfitters short binders

  • KT Tape Recommended by multiple people for binding. CVS brand tape doesn't have the branding on it that the KT name brand has.

  • TransTape KT type tape marketed for binding

  • Binder Exchange free binder program for people in the United States who need but cannot afford a chest binder

  • Gender Junk The Gender Junk program provides transgender youth without access to gender affirming items free binders and other gender affirming items.

Gender Neutral Apparel/Underwear

  • TOMBOYX High-quality, gender-neutral underwear, swimsuits, and lounge/sleepwear. I have personally purchased products from this store and recommend them.

  • LeoLines leotards, chest binders, swimsuits, panties, bras

  • Glamour Boutique Gaffs panties for tucking, clothing marketed to crossdressers

  • Savage x Fenty by Rhianna: wider crotch panties

  • Spectrum Outfitters boxers you can pack and pad in

  • Rubies No-tucking needed form-fitting underwear, bikini bottoms, and bathing suits for trans girls. Love their slogan: "It magically turns a pointy poker into a dainty dune."

  • Play Out Apparel Gender-equal underwear and athleisure in extended sizes XS-5X.

  • ECCE HOMO Gender neutral underwear and lingerie. Well-labeled products ("Space in front" and "Flat front").

Clothing Fit/ Sizing/ Styling

  • Strong Style Solutions Image consulting and coaching services for people of all gender identities who are looking to discover their own unique style and sense of embodiment. Learn how to authentically express your gender identity and style in your physical appearance and body language. Get started here, with our interview "Transitioning your Fashion Gender with Abi Strong & Tallulah" We have personally screened Abi and recommend her services as gender-affirming and inclusive.

  • A bra that fits visual measuring guide, recommendations for both male and female assigned at birth.

  • Clothing Size Charts Every brand's sizing is different

  • On The Plus Size clothing size charts 0x-8x

  • Thrift stores are great for finding your style and fit if you're up for spending time trying lots of items on

Salons, Haircuts, Makeup, Hair Removal and Wigs

  • cute nail studio in Austin: Nail art, microblading, waxing, tattoos, facials. cash only

  • STRANDS FOR TRANS Directory of trans-friendly hair salons and barbershops

  • Coco Coquette in Austin, TX and Denver, CO sells wigs, cosmetics, and accessories. They offer a free virtual group makeup workshop for transgender and non-binary people interested in learning more about makeup in a safe and supportive environment. They throw wig parties, do photo shoots, and teach people how to put on makeup. They describe themselves as providing an LGBQTIA safe space and nurturing an anti-racist environment where employees and customers are treated with respect and equality.

  • Laser & Electrolysis Studio Laser and electrolysis hair removal. Schedules sessions so that people aren't arriving at the same times as others are leaving to maintain privacy. Has a referral program. Sascha was recommended by multiple transgender women who recommended her hair removal services as "comfortable, understanding, and accepting." We have personally screened this provider and recommend this business as culturally competent and affirming.

  • The Glory Box Hair Studio After 15 years in the beauty industry, The Glory Box Hair Studio was created as a space free of judgement but full of accessible luxury. Offering a range of hair and beauty Services from cuts, color, and hair extensions to facial waxing. Owned and operated by Jessy, The Glory Box strives for exceptional beauty above the gender spectrum.

  • Austin Laser Solutions Laser hair removal, microneedling, tattoo removal, and teeth whitening. Offers discounts for trans* clients. Recommended by one person for laser hair removal.

  • Spa 7 in Austin offers discounted laser hair removal through GroupOn. Recommended by one person for laser hair removal.

Expanded Size Foot Wear

  • Sophia Webster UK shoe company selling women's shoes sized up to EU 46/ UK 13/ US 15.5. Shoes cost $195-340.

  • Women's shoes up to US size 20. Size 16 and below has a wide selection, with shoes priced $36-310, and many shoes available in the $36-50 range. Size 17 has a few options for heels, boots, sandals, and sneakers. Sizes 18-20 has steel toe boots and canvas sneakers only. Some styles are offered in narrow and wide width. Pay attention to sizing and double box any return packaging- it isn't always clear if they're listing UK or US sizing, and returns have been reported to be denied for arbitrary reasons.

  • Tom's shoes up to women's size 12

  • Sorel Women's sneakers, sandals, wedges, boots, booties and slippers up to size 12

  • Cinderella Shoes Women's shoes up to size 15. Slippers at birkenstock-style sandals (brand Emma) at size 15, wide style selection size 10-14. Narrow, medium, and wide width available. Prices range from $37 for slippers to $225 for boots.

  • Pleaser Shoes Shoes up to size 17, known for flashier styles but also has flats and pumps.

  • Tomboy Toes Menswear styled shoes in smaller sizes (EU 36-40) (women's size 7-10) leather and vegan styles

  • Solely Original custom fit shoes. Shoes are fitted to a custom mold made from your feet, so ALL sizes can be purchased here. The mold is made in your home and shipped through the mail. Very pricey but if it's in your budget it's a great service.


  • Thrift Center 4101 S 1st St, Austin This is our favorite thrift store in town- they have a wide size range, it's well organized, and we always find something we like that fits.

  • Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds 1506 S Congress Ave, Austin Thrift costumes store

  • Buffalo Exchange 2904 Guadalupe St, Austin Thrift store

  • Sammie's Closet Free clothes pantry in Pflugerville, TX of gently used clothing, shoes, and accessories for the transgender and non-binary community. Offered by community members and allies who would like to celebrate your uniqueness and bravery for simply being you. Items available include pants, dresses, shoes, bags, jewelry, and active wear. Email or call (512) 640-9365.


Body Shape and Medical Care

Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Medical Care including HRT and gender confirming surgeries

Taking medications without routine monitoring by a physician, "herbal" hormones, black market hormones, unregulated supplements, do-it-yourself breast or genitalia alterations, inserting a tampon into your anus, and black market surgeries can cause harm, have long-lasting undesired consequences, and even lead to death. Sadly, these practices have permanently harmed and killed many trans people. Even in trace amounts, Rogaine has killed felines. Your life and safety matters: PLEASE inform yourself and stay safe. Taking any medication or receiving any surgery should only be under the direction of a licensed health care practitioner.

We recommend looking at the "before" and "after" pictures for any surgeon you're considering, to see if y'all have similar opinions of what the "ideal" surgery outcome is. Talking to people who have worked with a doctor before can also be helpful.

  • Maria A. Otazo, MD is the only doctor in Waco specialized in gender-affirming care, only sees trans* clients, very affirming according to one person

  • Endocrinology clinic at UT Southwestern Dr. Jessica Abramowitz, M.D. offers gender affirming endocrinology services and researches the effect of feminizing hormones on bone metabolism and microarchitecture.

  • LGBT Resource Center in Dallas. HIV/STI testing & care, HRT, PrEP, Labs, Vaccinations, Primary care. Dental Services, Behavioral Health Services, Community Groups

  • Del Scott Perry, RN, FNP at Texas Health Family Care in Fort Worth. Inclusive clinic, familiar with trans care, has transgender family members they are accepting of and highly supportive of, and involved in transgender support organizations. Commenter below specified that they offer HRT in addition to regular annual check-ups.

  • Kind Clinic in Austin and San Antonio. PrEP and PEP access, HRT, HIV/STO testing & care, telepractice, Sponsors. Most services are no or low cost, has a waitlist. Some issues with long waits such as for prescription refills have been reported. Also has been reported to require a month wait before prescribing HRT. A very large number of people have reported to us a good experience with HRT management.

  • Dr. Gabrielle Patterson at Methodist Health System in Richardson. Trans friendly primary care doctor, specialty in internal medicine

  • Planned Parenthood. Uses the informed consent model. Will work with people that don't have insurance. Takes some insurances. Has clinics in Addison, Arlington, Austin, Bedford, Brownsville, Cedar Hill, Dallas, Denton, El Paso, Fort Worth, Harlingen, Houston, Lubbock, Mesquite, Paris, Plano, San Antonio, Spring, Stafford, Tyler, and Waco. Many people have reported to us a good experience with HRT management.

  • Monrose Center in Houston Many people have reported to us a good experience with care there.

  • Eva Montez at Central Family Practice in Austin. Primary care and HRT. Does not accept insurance. Private pay rates are listed on their website. We are familiar with this clinic and recommend them as culturally competent.

  • Jessica Zwiener, MD and R. Todd O'Neal at Braeswood Endocrinology in Bellaire (near Houston). Endocrinology, primary care, and transgender medicine including HRT. Went into business specifically to work with gender diverse people. Has been highly recommended by multiple people who have received HRT services from her.

  • Legacy Community Health in Houston and Beaumont. HIV/STD screening & treatment, HRT, mental health and social services. Vision tests at Frost Eye Clinic. Services offered regardless of ability to pay. This provider has been recommended by one person who stated they received HRT services from them.

  • Body Affirming Surgeries in Houston

  • Sindura Bandi, DO, FACOG at ARC North Austin Ob/Gyn This provider has been highly recommended by a person who stated they received gender affirming services from this provider, including salpingectomy (removal of fallopian tubes). Other people have also highly recommended her care, but have reported mixed experiences with other doctors at this office.

  • Pride Family Medicine & Aesthetics in Cedar Park. Previously Zest. Primary care, HRT, hair removal. Has a waitlist to become a new patient. In May 2021 we received multiple first person reports of privacy violations including screenshots of staff members sharing patient's protected health information on social media without their consent, as well as other reports of miscommunications and inconsistencies regarding billing practices. Many other people highly recommend them.

  • Dr. Sara Ashitey at Southwest Family Medicine in Dallas. Comprehensive medical office: primary and urgent care, labs, pharmacy, imaging. HRT, PrEP, laser hair removal, physical therapy, behavioral health, suboxone.

  • William Marcus Spurlock at Renewed Vitality MD in Dallas.

  • Maggie White at CrofootMD in Houston, PCP.

  • Ronald Giometti at Carrollton Family Practice in Carrollton, PCP. This provider was recommended in the comments below as an incredibly friendly office that is also LGBTQ friendly. The commenter specified that the office provides pap-smears for Trans men.

  • Dr. Maria Lee, MD at Greater Heights Endocrinology in Houston, which is associated with Memorial Hermann. This provider was recommended by one person who stated they were happy with the endocrinology services including HRT provided by Dr. Lee.

  • Ashwell Clinic on Cameron Rd in Austin. Uses the informed consent model. Requires a month wait before prescribing HRT. Was recommended by a person who received HRT services from this provider.

  • Dr. Stockton Roberts, Trinity Care Clinic of Dallas. Private practice, provides HRT. Uses the informed consent model. Recommended by a person who stated they received HRT and primary care services.

  • Stefanie McCain MD. in Abilene. Obstetrician and gynecologist. Also offers Aesthetician services. Began prescribing HRT in 2015. We have received mixed reviews of this doctor from two people. Concerns were related to her bedside manner. The same people said they were otherwise happy with her care.

  • AOC (Aids Outreach Center) in Fort Worth, Has a trans wellness program that provides HRT, STD testing, patient navigator and counseling, all services free, but has a wait.

  • Prism Health North Texas in Dallas, HRT, counseling, STI and HIV treatment, PrEP, free condoms. Has a monthly transgender care clinic every third Monday from 5-7pm, also offers pharmacy services. We had a comment, shared below, that "their staff displayed complete rudeness, making individuals feel devalued and unworthy." Other people have strongly recommended them.

  • Dr. Hien Tran, MD, endocrinologist at Texas Diabetes. Fluent in English and Vietnamese. Uses WPATH method. This provider was recommended by multiple people for providing affirming care and managing adolescent HRT.

  • Informed consent HRT provider map

  • Plume Online only. Teletherapy, does not accept insurance. Gatekeeps: requires letter for HRT access. Has been described to us as a practical way to get HRT prescriptions if you do not have another option.

  • Elizabeth Renae Angstman Just, MD a primary care physician located in Austin. This provider was recommended by a patient for using correct language and being knowledgeable about queer and trans issues.

  • Dr. Aliza Norwood, M.D., FACP, is the medical director at Vivent Health, a patient-centered medical home that provides HIV prevention services, including PrEP and PEP, primary care for people living with HIV, and gender affirming care. Dr. Norwood works with gender diverse adults, provides HIV supportive care, and is certified in internal medicine and has an HIV specialist certification. She is also an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Dell Medical School at UT Austin. Dr. Norwood is passionate about HIV primary care and gender affirming care. She has written advocacy articles available on the Austin Chronicle website. We have personally screened this provider and recommend her as a culturally-competent provider and advocate. Other physicians have also recommended Dr. Norwood as an affirming specialist.

  • Dr. Maria Monge, previously at Seton. Will update when her new location is identified. She was recommended by another MD: "she does gender affirming care for kids/adolescents and is great." We have heard from many trans teens and their parents that they have been happy with their care experience with Dr. Monge, as well as their in-office Covid precautions.

  • Dr. Cordoba Kissee endocrinologist, provides gender affirming care including HRT. This provider has been recommended to us by another provider, who said that she had multiple clients who were under Dr. Kissee's care, and that she was the leading gender affirming endocrinologist in South Texas.

  • Dr. Saul Rivas OBGYN provides gender affirming care. This provider has been recommended to us by another provider, who said that two of her clients had been seen by him for gender affirming hysterectomies.

  • Sarah J. Ferrero, MD at Austin Regional Clinic Cedar Park. Family medicine. Uses Health at Every Size and trauma informed approaches, and has an interest in caring for LGBTQIA+ patients and adults with disabilities. This provider has been recommended to use by someone who has used her services, and advertises serving our community.

  • Jacqueline R. Karathra, MD. Family medicine physician at ARC Far West in Austin, TX. Speaks Malayalam. Was recommended as a gender affirming primary care physician by one person.

  • Jesse W. Dunkle, MD, MPH. Internal Medicine doctor at ARC Far West who has expertise in gender affirmation treatment and HIV care. We have personally screened this provider and trust him for our own family's primary care; highly recommend.

Gender Affirming Surgeons in Texas, and beyond

  • Crane Center in Austin and San Francisco specializes in trans* surgeries. Many of their team is trans* themselves, and they have an entire infrastructure that is affirming that they utilize, including an outpatient surgery clinic. Dr. Ashley Deleon, Dr. Curtis Crane, Dr. Gerhard Mundinger, Dr. Richard Santucci, and nurse Kristin Daniel are WPATH members. Personally recommended by MANY people who have stated they received surgeries at the center. We recommend them for anything besides tracheal shaves (chondrolaryngoplasty). We do NOT recommend getting a tracheal shave here- we have seen multiple post-surgery clients with vocal damage. We have heard second hand reports of people unhappy with the Crane center, but all of the many first hand reports for non-tracheal shave procedures have been positive.

  • Dr. Daniel J. Freet, MD at University of Texas at Houston. Plastic and reconstructive surgeon, offers gender affirming surgery, including facial feminization surgery (FFS). "I am a current member of WPATH. I have been performing gender affirming surgery since before there were surgeries to train in (I recently graduated my first fellow in gender affirming surgery.) I perform all types of gender affirming surgical procedures. I perform facial surgery, top surgery, and bottom surgery. I am happy to assist with most surgical requests and take most types of insurance. I should also say that I have been pretty successful at getting most types of gender affirming surgery covered by insurance, even facial surgeries which can sometimes be hard to do." He has written a book chapter on gender affirming communication for doctors, and given seven presentations to colleagues on gender affirming surgery.  While we don't know anyone who has personal experience with this surgeon, based on his website, communication with us, and CV he is worth considering.

  • Dr. Regina Rodman is a plastic surgeon in Houston and Dubai who specializes in facial feminization, facial masculinization, genioplasty, forehead reduction, chondrolaryngoplasty, and rhinoplasty surgeries, AND is also an otolaryngologist. This means she has excellent knowledge of laryngeal anatomy beyond what would most plastic surgeons have. This provider was recommended by another medical professional who has had positive experiences working with her. Protects the voice during tracheal shaves.

  • Dr. Adam Bryce Weinfeld is a plastic surgeon in Austin who offers facial feminization surgery. He accepts insurance through Austin Plastic Surgeon clinic. His website offers information about different gender affirming surgeries, and accurately explains the risk with tracheal shaves. Has expertise in forehead contouring, and experience providing FFS. This provider has been recommended to us by two people who had FFS and hairline surgery with him. Recommend asking how he would protect the voice before receiving a tracheal shave from this provider.

  • Dr. Saxon at Saxon MD is a plastic surgeon and otolaryngologist who specializes in facial feminization surgery. She provides facial feminization surgery in Dallas and Austin. After her otolaryngology residency, she had a one year fellowship in facial feminization surgery, and training in reconstructing ears. She describes how she protects the voice during tracheal shaves on her website, which match best practices. Has personally made some advances in certain FFS techniques, including hairline lowering and forehead surgery. While we don't know anyone who has personal experience with the provider, based on her website and CV she is worth considering.

  • Dr. Bardia Amirlak does FFS at Amirlak Plastic Surgery in Dallas. There is no information on his website's biography indicating he has training in FFS, and there are no text reviews on his website about FFS results, but there is one before/after photo of a forehead contouring. The UT Southwestern medical center's page does state that he has performed advanced gender affirmation face surgery, but that isn't specific enough for us to interpret. We recommend going elsewhere for a tracheal shave, but have insufficient information to make any further recommendation for or against. 

  • Dr. Huay-Zong Law at Law plastic surgery in Dallas has detailed information about FFS on his website, but has no references to specific training or any mention of gender affirming care in his biography. He appears to have some relevant experience in jaw contouring that could serve clients for those procedures. He lists tracheal shaves dismissing the risk, which is very concerning. He appears to have some experience with using insurance to cover FFS. We strongly recommend going elsewhere for a tracheal shave, but have insufficient information to make any further recommendation for or against. 

  • Chad Whited, MD is a board-certified otolaryngologist with specialized fellowship training at Austin Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic. He performs tracheal shaves using vocally protective best practices, and Wendler Glottoplasty voice feminization surgery. We have seen many of Dr. Whited's clients, and recommend him as the best otolaryngologist in the area.

  • The following three gender reassigning surgery centers were described to us in 2022 as, "The best on the planet."


  • Kris (they/them), registered dietician, at NourishedED. Kris is a queer, neurodivergent, trans and nonbinary person who knows first hand how debilitating a bad relationship with food and your body can be, and how beautiful that relationship can be after healing. They enjoy working with trans, nonbinary, and gender expansive people. Kris specializes in eating disorders, neurodivergent related difficulties with food and nutrition, and health at every size/ fat positive approach to nutrition and health.

Mental Healthcare and Support Groups

  • Jennifer Gamewell, LPC at Gamewell Innovative Counseling, LLC. Childhood, adolescence, young adult, and adult counseling. Gender, eating disorder, and LGBTQIA+ Therapy. Offers gender-affirming therapy for people anywhere along the gender spectrum. In Austin. Offers in person and virtual sessions. Also offers support groups. Accepts some insurances. Many people have recommended Jennifer for affirming counseling. Jennifer was recommended by two people for managing adolescent eating disorders. We have personally screened this therapist and recommend her as a culturally-competent provider. Jennifer also has experience helping people training their voices with our practice with counseling for voice dysphoria.

  • Ashley Taylor, virtual counseling to all Texas. Specializes in folks 15+ with concerns about family dynamics, self-worth, anxiety, dysphoria, and relationship difficulties, as well as those who wish to explore or are questioning their identity. Private pay, has sliding scale for young trans adults. We have personally screened this therapist and recommend them as a culturally-competent provider. Many people have recommended Ashley. Ashley also has experience helping people training their voices with our practice with counseling for voice dysphoria.

  • Bethany Luna in Lubbock at Phoenix Moon Therapy. Specializes in trans youth and adults, anxiety, and the Gottman method. We have personally screened this therapist and recommend her as a culturally-competent provider.

  • Susan Gurney at Congruent Therapy of Austin Private pay only, sliding scale available. Also works at JustMind with autism, ADHD, depression, accepts BCBSTX and Wholefoods. We have personally screened this therapist and recommend her as a culturally-competent provider.

  • Benje Morrison, counseling in Abilene through Abilene Professional Center. Able to write gender-affirming letters but does not hold a PhD. Was recommended by one person.

  • Noah S. Garcia, LPC-S, NCC at NextQuest Counseling, PLLC. Noah is a nonbinary trans man and mental health therapist who offers gender competent and affirming therapy for adults of all genders (and sexualities!) located anywhere in Texas via telehealth. Noah has experience with a variety of mental health concerns such as depression and mood disorders, anxiety, trauma, gender dysphoria, grief and loss, ADHD, autism, self esteem and self worth, guilt, shame, general life transitions, and assertiveness and healthy boundaries, to name a few. Noah also has a therapy group for Trans Masc people. Private pay with reduced fee spots available. Noah has a podcast where he interviews therapists in the Austin area. NextQuest Podcast offers in depth interviews to help people find therapists that would be a good fit for them. We have personally screened this therapist and recommend him as a culturally-competent provider. Many people have recommended Noah for counseling. We recommend his podcast. Noah also has experience helping people training their voices with our practice with counseling for voice dysphoria.

  • Lauren Farwell, Psy.D with Meet Your Mind Clinicial Psychology and Neuropsychology. Psychological and neuropsychological testing and evaluations. Accepts BCBSTX PPO, private pay, contact regarding other insurances. Get started here with our interview: "The Transgender Survival Guide with Dr. Lauren Farwell, Tallulah & Fiona" We have personally screened this therapist and recommend Dr. Farwell as a culturally-competent provider.

  • Miranda M. Nadeau is a psychologist in Austin. Recommended by one person for writing a gender affirming letter.

  • Jenny (Silver) Beauchamp, LCSW-S is a social worker at MyEmerge. Takes some insurances. She was recommended by one person for providing culturally competent therapy. Two people reported cancellations were a concern.

  • Mary Mattis, LCSW/S, LCDC, they/them and she/her, at SoCo Counseling in Austin. Works with people and couples, and specializes in working with non-binary and trans adults. Helps with resources, identity formation, and problems of substance use. Private pay, some sliding scale available. Offers in person and virtual therapy in Texas. We have personally screened this therapist and recommend them as a culturally-competent provider.

  • Memorial Relationships & Couple Center in Houston. Bilingual English-Spanish, LGBTQ friendly, price reduction available

  • OutYouth Virtual Trans Wellness Support Group, 18+

  • OutYouth Virtual Gender Identity Group, Ages 12-18

  • PFLAG Virtual & Live Central Texas Support Groups We have had good experiences interacting with staff and volunteers for the local PFLAG chapter, seen that they are very supportive of the local community, and have heard positive feedback regarding their business education and support groups.

  • PFLAG National find a chapter

  • Dallas Rainbow Counseling Offers in-person and online therapy for people, LGBT couples, counseling for the transgender community, LGBT youth and family therapy. Functions as an out of network provider for insurance

  • ConnEQction- equine therapy in Kyle, TX, weekday and weekend availability, LGBTQIA+ affirming providers.

  • Pecan Creek Ranch- equine therapy in Georgetown, TX, open Tuesdays-Saturdays, has a waitlist, has one trans staff member.

  • Dr. Jo Eckler, PLLC with Beyond Therapy. Offers single-session evaluations over video for letters for gender-affirming procedures on a pay-what-you-can basis. Available for people over 18 who are in TX, AL, AZ, CO, DC, DE, GA, IL, MD, MO, NE, NH, NV, NC, OK, PA, TN, UT, and VA. Was recommended for writing gender affirming letters.

  • Renee Randazzo, M.S., LPC- she/her, gender affirming coach with a background in counseling. As a counselor, she specialized in helping people of all gender identities explore gender issues, as well as trauma, complex trauma, anxiety, mood issues, body image, family-of-origin issues, spirituality/soul, communication and relationships, gender identity, gender affirmation/transition, sex and sexuality, and intersectional LGBTQ+ issues. Currently offering virtual coaching via private pay (sliding scale available) worldwide. As a counselor, previously offered free short-term assessments to provide letters of support. Private pay, sliding scale available. Was recommended by another counselor for working with gender diverse clients with trauma. No longer practices as a counselor, coaching only.

  • Becks Byington, LMSW (He/Him), is a genderqueer therapist who provides virtual therapy for adults throughout the state of Texas. Some of Becks' areas of focus are gender identity, self-worth/self-talk, body image, and trauma, including religious trauma. Becks is especially passionate about working with the LGBTQ+ community and folks who are neurodivergent. Private pay with reduced rate options. We have personally screened this provider and recommend him as a culturally-competent provider. He was also recommended by another counselor for working with gender diverse clients with trauma. He was also recommended by multiple people from first-hand experience. Becks also has lived experience training his own voice.

  • Krystal Klein provides in person and telehealth services in Texas. Specializing in LGBTQIA+ and gender affirming mental health care to support teens and adults who are in various stages of their journey. I offer gender confirmation letters after one session and follow WPATH/USPATH Standards of Care. In network with some insurances. We have personally screened this provider and recommend her as a culturally-competent provider and advocate.

  • Kimberly Harkey, M.E., LPC (She/Her) with Roseate Therapy. Specializes in helping adults with identity exploration, LGBTQIA+/SOGI, existential questions, psychosis, mental health disorders, and addiction. Offers both virtual and in person services. Kimberly can write letters for any gender affirming care, and is able to offer free letters on a limited basis (please contact her for availability). Private pay. Email: We have personally screened this provider and recommend her as a culturally-competent provider who has experience helping people training their voices with our practice with counseling for voice dysphoria.

  • Dr. Kristin Amicone, Psy.D. (She/Her) with Clinical Psychology Fellow Gulf Coast Psych Therapy Group Inc. She listens from a neutral perspective with expertise in psychological health and the influence it can have on the rest of the biological system. Her clinical skills reflect all ages across the lifespan and she has worked with children, adolescents, adults, and older adults. Their practice supports all genders and identities. Phone: (239) 666-8002 ext. 1027 Fax: (847) 972-6445

  • Adam A. Sauceda (he/she/they) is the Owner and Clinical Director of Synchronicity Counseling, PLLC. Adam is a Licensed Professional Counselor – Supervisor and Registered Play Therapist who has over 20 years of experience working in the mental health field. Adam’s main clinical focus has been working with transgender and gender diverse (TGD) individuals since 2015. Adam has completed the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) Global Education Initiative (GEI) Certification and routinely follows WPATH Standards of Care in his clinical practice. In addition to providing counseling, Adam is able to complete a biopsychosocial assessment, which includes a comprehensive gender history, to assist with the process of achieving a name and gender marker change on identifying documentation or to provide a referral letter for gender affirming medical care, i.e. hormone therapy or gender affirming surgeries. Adam has provided gender affirmative trainings to mental health professionals and has provided expert witness testimony in court proceedings specific to gender diversity. Adam is in network with some insurance companies and offers a “Self-Determine Fee Schedule” for individuals who choose to not use insurance. Adam is a member of the community we serve, and has been recommended by multiple people. Adam also has experience helping people training their voices with our practice with counseling for voice dysphoria. Phone: 210-853-0503 Fax: 888-307-5350

  • Rebekah Torres (she/her) is a LMFT associate with Ellie Mental Health in Rockwall, Texas. She is supervised by Amy Birchill Lavergne, M.Ed., LMFT-S, LPC-S. Rebekah offers counseling to the LGBTQIA+ community in person in Rockwall Tuesday-Friday and virtually throughout Texas Tuesday-Saturday. Her specialty is in emotional-focused and narrative therapy, couples counseling, and the GOTTMAN method. She is a part of the community herself and identifies as lesbian and queer. Accepts some insurance including Medicare, private pay, and has a sliding scale. Phone: 214-542-2348 We have personally screened this provider and recommend her as a culturally-competent provider.

  • Loren Hudson, MS, LPC, LCPC (he/him) is a licensed professional counselor serving Texas and Kansas. He provides a safe space for LGBTQ+ people of all backgrounds and religious beliefs. He is happy to help you get started rediscovering the strength and beauty within yourself as an individual. He das experience working with clients who live in the metroplex as well as rural communities. Loren approaches therapy with authenticity, genuine compassion, and a healthy sense of humor. He aims to boost self esteem, increase confidence, and help you find more joy in the moment Phone: (913) 732-3952. Email: We have personally screened this provider and recommend him as a culturally-competent provider.

  • Elby Buikema, MA, LPC-A (they/them/theirs) is a licensed professional counselor- association supervised by Savannah Stoute LPC-S. They provide queer, gender, and neurodivergent affirming therapy for adolescents, adults, and parents/caregivers at Out Youth in Austin. OutYouth provides free counseling up to age 29.

  • JP Cardenas, LPC-A (they/them) is a licensed professional counselor associate in Austin, TX supervised by Melody Arizola-Palmer LPC-S. JP specializes in working with LGBTQ+ adolescents and adults on identity (gender/sexuality) exploration and understanding, relationships, sex, trauma, multicultural identities and issues, anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. JP uses CBT, narrative therapy, and person-centered Rogerian therapy techniques. JP offers in person therapy in Austin, and virtual therapy in Texas. We have personally screened this provider and recommend them as a culturally-competent provider.

  • Rachel Allen, LPC, NCC (her/her) is a licensed professional counselor who provides online therapy to all LGBTQIA+ Texans ages 13 and above. Rachel is a cisgender, biromantic, asexual therapist who specializes in working with asexual clients, dissociative disorders, trans/gender diverse clients, and anxiety. She has experience working with people with dissociative identity disorder. She also provides gender-affirming care letters. Rachel accepts some insurances including Aetna and Cigna, and offers a sliding scale. We have personally screened this provider and recommend her as a culturally-competent provider.

  • Scotty Gilmore, MA, LPC, MHA is a counselor available for video sessions throughout the state of Texas.  Scotty is a gay man who specializes in counseling gay men, transmasculine guys, people with religious trauma, and the LGBTQIA+ Community.  Scotty accepts Insurance including: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna and United Healthcare.  Scotty sees clients Monday through Thursday.  We have personally screened this provider and recommend him as a culturally-competent provider.

Psychiatrists & Medication Managers

  • Dr. Supriya S. Kothavale, DO at Kothavale Psychiatry PLCC, child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist in Austin, TX. Provides initial consultations and ongoing treatment in the form of psychotherapy and psychopharmacology virtually to Texas and New York. Gender affirming intake process. Private pay.

  • Lori Fox, APRN, PMHNP-BC, provider at Greater Austin Psychiatry, specialized in the treatment and management of mood and anxiety disorders with a special interest in working with people who identify as LGBQ, have experienced trauma, or have current or past struggles with chemical dependency. Sees people ages 15 and up.

  • Dr. Karen Seroussi, D.O. at Vibrant Minds, provides mental healthcare to children, adolescents, and adults in Central Texas.

  • Jennifer Dawson, PA-C, Psychiatric physician assistant at Counterbalance Counseling specializing in medication management with supportive psychotherapy for people ages 16+. LGBTQIA Advocate. Private Pay via telehealth, also accepts Lyra. Jennifer was recommended by another provider as a culturally competent provider of medication management.


  • Dr. Nazgol Gharbi, DDS, DPH, MPH, at Celebrate Dental Austin. "As a dental public health specialist, the topic of oral health disparities among LGBTQ+ community has always been close to my heart. I do everything I can to make a change in their lives and their oral and overall health by providing a safe and welcoming environment to serve their dental needs. Staff are fluent in English, Spanish, and Farsi."

Body Work

  • Lance Weihmuller, Touch Ceremony in Austin, at Earth Commons, massage therapist

  • Rocky Lane, virtual personal trainer at Autonomy Movement Gym

  • Thais Bicalho Silva, physical therapist at Feldenkrais Physical Therapy in Austin, focused on pelvic work Recommended to be "wonderful and affirming."

  • Mel Dingus with Georgetown Texas Kung Fu & Tai Chi Offering Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi to ages 8 and up in the Georgetown area. Trans-owned and operated. In person and zoom classes available.


Good to know

Dates of Note

  • Trans Day of Visibility March 31st

  • Transgender Day of Remembrance November 20th

  • International Pronouns Day third Wednesday of October

Trans Accepting/Friendly Employers

  • OutYouth maintains an Austin - LGBTQIA+ Job Resource Guide.

  • Employers with trans-inclusive health insurance policies

  • AIDS Services of Austin

  • Alamo Drafthouse

  • Albertsons

  • Allgo

  • Amazon We personally know people who are trans*, employed here, and feel affirmed by their employer.

  • Amy's Ice Cream We personally know people who are trans*, employed here, and feel affirmed by their employer.

  • Apple We personally know people who are trans*, employed here, and feel affirmed by their employer.

  • Atmosphere TV

  • Austin Animal Center

  • Austin LGBT Chamber of Commerce We personally know people who are trans*, employed here, and feel affirmed by their employer.

  • Austin Pets Alive

  • Austin Water

  • Blackstar Co-op

  • Bookwoman

  • Cafe Monet

  • Central Market

  • City of Austin

  • Clean Fig

  • Confluent

  • Contigo Catering

  • Crane Center

  • Creative Action

  • cute nail studio

  • Daddy's Barbershop

  • Dell We personally know people who are trans*, employed here, and feel affirmed by their employer. However, Michael Dell is the namesake for Dell Children's Hospital, and did not speak out when Seton closed their adolescent care department to stop their doctors from providing medically necessary, lifesaving gender affirming care. We personally informed him, so this was a choice.

  • Dirty Dog

  • Dreamers 18+

  • EA EA has been shared as an affirming employer, but those we know who have worked there have reported very long hours without compensation for overtime.

  • Emancipet

  • Equality Texas We personally know people who are trans*, employed here, and feel affirmed by their employer.

  • Frida Friday ATX

  • Future Front We personally know people who are trans*, employed here, and feel affirmed by their employer. We also received a grant from them to help us start our practice, and are very appreciate for their help! In our interactions with them we have found them to be very affirming and supportive of our community.

  • General Assembly

  • Google We personally know people who are trans*, employed here, and feel affirmed by their employer.

  • Harmonic Speech Therapy

  • IKEA Round Rock We personally know people who are trans*, employed here, and feel affirmed by their employer.

  • Integral Care

  • JLL @ Google

  • Juiceland

  • Kerbey Lane We have personally worked here (though it's been awhile!) and felt affirmed by our employer and that it was a safe place to work.

  • Lettuce Entertain You Restaurant

  • Lick Honest Ice Creams

  • Literati

  • Marriott Austin

  • Mary's Cafe

  • Milk + Honey Spa

  • MOD Pizza

  • Mud Puppies

  • National Domestic Violence Hotline

  • Natural Grocers

  • Natural Pawz in Steiner Ranch, near Austin

  • Onion Creek Kennels and groomers are All G-d's Creatures

  • Outyouth We personally know people who are trans*, employed here, and feel affirmed by their employer.

  • Package Menswear

  • Pinballz

  • Planned Parenthood

  • Pride Family Medicine We personally know people who are trans*, employed here, and feel affirmed by their employer.

  • Progressive Insurance We personally know people who are trans*, employed here, and feel affirmed by their employer.

  • Project Transitions

  • Pups and Pals

  • RateGenius Loan Services

  • REI

  • Roots Integrative Veterinary Care

  • Sage Acupuncture

  • Salt Traders Coastal Cooking

  • Seedlings Gardening

  • Service Corporation International

  • Slushed

  • Sprint - Relay Communication

  • Starbucks We personally know people who are trans*, employed here, and feel affirmed by their employer and have been successful using their health insurance to cover gender affirming, but also others who have had more difficulty recently using their insurance to cover gender affirming care.

  • Sunrise Homeless Navigation Center

  • Sustainable Food Center

  • Target

  • Texas Health Action

  • Texas Homeless Network

  • The Austin Eagle

  • The Preiss Company

  • The SAFE alliance

  • The Settlement Home for Children

  • Thorn's Market

  • Thundercloud Subs

  • Tomlinson's

  • Trans Lifeline

  • Treasure City

  • Vigilante Gastro Pub and Games

  • Waterloo Icehouse

  • Western Governors University

  • Wheatsville CoOp

  • Whole Earth Provisions

  • Wholefoods We personally know people who are trans*, employed here, and feel affirmed by their employer.

  • WHYLD's Vegan Kitchen

  • Worker's Defense Project

  • YMCA

  • Zach Theatre

Trans friendly places to live

  • Raintree apartments in Sherman, Texas

  • Thrive Youth Center in San Antonio on Haven for Hope's campus. Emergency shelter and services for LGBTQ young adults ages 17-24. Rapid re-housing program

  • Operation Obsidian Safe and stable housing for BIPOC transmasculine people in Maryland. Also offers support with health insurance and workplace skills development.


HRT Research

Name Change

Transition Guides

Sex Education

  • UnHushed Human sexuality education done right

Teaching Resources

  • Lesson plans to help students understand gender

  • Boomcards Name Change Social Story Deck. This social story offers both text and sound, and is to support people understand why their friends are changing their name. This is a gender inclusive material read in a feminine voice. This social story is created by the owner of this blog.

  • Concept- when speaking to students about someone who has changed their name, use their current, chosen name. If needed, you can reference their deadname to orient students to whom you are referring to by adding, "formerly known as."

  • How to talk about gender identity


Support Network

Financial Resources

Helplines / Support Numbers

  • TBuddy 24/7 Telephone friend and support system for trans masculine people. Education and support for family members of trans masculine people

  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: (800) 273-8255, a 24/7 free emotional support to people in suicidal crisis or emotional distress

  • Trans Lifeline Offers trans peer support, emotional support, and name change microgrants. Family & friends hotline for help supporting a trans loved one in crisis Several callers reported being hung up on unexpectedly. If you get hung up on, please call back.

  • Text HOME to 741741 Converse via text with a crisis counselor. Free, 24/7, anyone can use for any kind of crisis.

  • The Trevor Project: call (866) 488-7386 Support line offering 24/7 counseling to LGBTQ youth in crisis. Strong focus on suicide prevention.

  • CDC-Info: (800) 342-2437, Also available: Spanish: (800) 344-7432 TDD service: (800) 243-7432

  • The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender National Hotline: (888) 843-4564

  • The National Runaway Switchboard: (800) 786-2929

  • The GLBT National Youth Talkline: (800) 246-7743, Youth serving youth through age 25

Health Insurance

  • Out 2 Enroll Help navigating signing up for health insurance through the affordable care act

Legal Aid & Attorneys

Parent Support Groups

  • TransParent USA- Austin, Texas chapter: Supports parents and caregivers of gender diverse people with a private newsletter, and virtual support group. "Our mission is to bring compassionate support to parents and caregivers navigating complex issues face by gender-expansive people." Email for more information.

Houses of Worship

  • Would appreciate suggestions!


We hope these resources are useful to you! Please share them with anyone else who might benefit from a centralized resources list.

-Tallulah Breslin, MS, CCC/SLP

Gender & Identity Affirming Behavioral Voice Modification @HarmonicSpeech

Love your voice

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Jul 29, 2023

There are a couple of additional companies in the Dallas, Austin and other locations throughout Texas that I'm aware of that do hire transgendered people. The first is Salesforce who has been a long time supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. Their job listings can be found at Another company is Cognizant. You'll find their open positions at I'll add that Cognizant is one of Salesforce's partners in the cloud technology space.

You don't have to write code to work at either company and can actually learn much of what you need to obtain a job by visiting which is Salesforce's free learning platform. A study published in Sept 2021 projected the Salesforce economy will create 9.3 Million…


Jun 12, 2023

This list is fantastic! The staff at "Ronald Giometti at Carrollton Family Practice" office is incredibly friendly and LGBTQ friendly. Moreover, they provide pap-smears for Trans men, ensuring comprehensive healthcare for all. Also "Del Scott Perry, RN, FNP at Texas Health Family Care in Fort Worth" , goes above and beyond by offering hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in addition to regular annual check-ups.

If you happen to be in the DFW area, I highly recommend them as they are undoubtedly the best!

However, it's important to note that Prism Health, despite their website's claims, does not exhibit Trans friendliness. Unfortunately, their staff displayed complete rudeness, making individuals feel devalued and unworthy.

  • Prism Health North Texas in Dallas, HRT, counseling, STI…


Jan 09, 2023

This is such a great list! I am in search of tailors that are inclusive if you happen to know of any in the Austin area.

Tallulah Breslin, MS, CCC-SLP
Tallulah Breslin, MS, CCC-SLP
Jun 15, 2023
Replying to

I have had good luck in the past when people who do sewing privately do tailoring, but am not currently aware of anyone who does so. Please let me know if you find someone! Dry cleaners will do small tailoring things for you, such as hemming pants, but you would need to try them out to see if they're gender inclusive. Indochino in the Domain in Austin will create a suit for you to your measurements.