• Tallulah Breslin, MS, CCC-SLP

Pitch & Resonance, Simplified

Do you get confused about the differences between pitch and resonance? Read on to learn more about sound!


  • Pitch comes from the larynx/vocal folds

  • Pitch is the sound source

  • Pitch is what you think of as a musical note

  • We hear pitch as how high or low the sound is

  • The yellow structure highlights the larynx


  • Every space above the larynx in this picture is involved in resonance

  • Resonance is the sound quality

  • Resonance is how the size and shape of the vocal tract, the tongue position, and the degree of mouth opening filters the source sound into the complex sound we hear as speech

  • Resonance changes the quality of sound in the same way different musical instruments change the sound qualities of the same musical note- like a cello versus a violin.

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