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It's time to use your voice to open doors. Struggling to connect with your listeners can be anxiety provoking and defeating, and leads to lost opportunities. We provide personalized voice training that puts you in control of your message, so you'll avoid being ignored and know your voice will get you to your goals. It's time to be confident with your voice. We're ready to guide you towards speaking consistently with a healthy, confident voice, so you can trust your own speaking skills. 


Society no longer teaches effective speaking skills- leaving those attending elite schools greater influence over the trajectory of our society. The same speaking tools that propel many of our world's business and political leaders to positions of power and success are accessible to you. Only your voice stands between you and having the positive impact on the world an excellent speaking voice can bring. We provide a structured, customized voice training program that will take your communication skills to 100%. We're ready to offer the guidance and tools you need to help you develop your healthy, confident voice.

Harmonic Speech Therapy Lead Clinician Speech Therapy


Tallulah Breslin, MS, CCC/SLP she/her

Speech-language pathologist

Born and raised in Austin, Tallulah was taught from a young age to appreciate and celebrate diversity. Inspired by her friends and family who struggled with finding voice therapists during their transitions, Tallulah has studied voice extensively to learn how to best help others express their identity through voice. She has guided trans women, trans men, and non-binary individuals in developing their authentic voices.



I'm 28, but when I answered calls at work, customers always commented that I sounded like a child. I wanted to sound  age appropriate, at least 17 not 12. Tallulah helped me find all the little pieces that kind of fit together. She was super patient and empathetic, and always found a way to explain voice techniques so they made sense. Now it's rare for someone to bring up my voice. 

Beth, Parent

Thank you for the work you are doing with our daughter. She is really happy with your services and so are we! You have motivated her to find and use her voice in a way that hasn't happened before. We have been so impressed and pleased with everything you are doing for her and want others to benefit from your service!


When I found Tallulah I was so tired of being overlooked for a promotion because I was a woman. I'm really good at my job, and I wanted to be a manager. She taught me that how others hear me is more than just my sex, and all sorts of techniques to be a really effective speaker. In my new position, I stand in the same room as the CEOs and feel like I deserve to be there.

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