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  • Tallulah Breslin, MS, CCC-SLP

Voice Recipes + Examples

Updated: Jan 10

What is a voice recipe?

We all have the same pieces and parts to our voice. Our voice recipe is the way we use these variables to create our own unique sound. There is no single "true" voice recipe- everyone has a different recipe that feels right to them. Our voice recipes are influenced by our age, sex, gender, where we grew up and live now, what communities we are part of, what media we like, and other aspects of our background and culture. Tip: I find that generally it's more helpful to find voice examples from people with similar background/identities to you than to rely on celebrity voice examples.

How do listeners tell what our voice gender is?

There are 18 variables that contribute to listener perception of voice sex, gender, and naturalness. Considering just these 18 variables, there are over 6 million possible recipes! But don't feel overwhelmed- we start with modifying the most impactful variables. Three variables have the biggest impact on listener perception of our voice sex and gender:

  • Resonance, how dark or bright our voice is

  • Tone, how light and smooth or heavy and buzzy our voice is

  • Pitch, how high or low our note is

Listeners also notice how we control our breath to infer if our recipe is natural, or put on. Get these right, and in the split second that listeners subconsciously decide whether to ma'am or sir you in, you'll be more likely to get gendered correctly.

What are examples of different voice recipes?

Courtney, Cis Woman

Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do

Rainbow Passage

Julie, Cis Woman

Morning Voice Script

Shari, Cis Woman, 55

Morning Voice Script

How to make a PB&J sandwich

Adrian, Female, Started transition at 38, 42

Morning Voice Script

Liz, Cis Woman, 37

Morning Voice Script

Olivia, Cis Woman, 32

Rainbow Passage

How to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Jesse, Cis Man, 25

Rainbow Passage

Ari, Trans Man, 24

Rainbow Passage

Claire, Trans Woman, 32

Rainbow passage

Lyra, Trans Woman, 24

13 of her own sentences

Nina, Cis Woman, 26

Rainbow Passage

Fiona, Trans Woman, 33

Fiona describing what helps her practice

Are you comfortable with including your voice here? Please send your recordings to, and I'll add them.

Clip ideas:

  • Morning voice script

  • Rainbow passage

  • Pb&j

  • Talking about one's voice or the voice change process

  • Talking about their voice coaching philosophy, or reasons for training voice gender modification

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