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Accent Modification

Improve your speaking style and content delivery

Foggy Forest

Beginning where ESL classes end

Non-native speakers often struggle with being understood clearly when speaking.  Our accent reduction training removes barriers by training you to speak the standard English dialect with ease.  We use clear, consistent speech standards that are easily understood by native English speakers.

Training is completely customized to your specific accent influenced by your first language.

Professional Communication

Clear and effective oral and written communication is essential in today's business and professional environments. Miscommunication due to foreign or regional accents adversely and unfairly hinders the advancement of otherwise-fluent English speakers. Learning to speak the Standard American English Accent clearly and with confidence allows greater advancement opportunities and productivity in your professional life.

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Start your journey towards effective communication now.

Harmonic Speech Therapy is able to provide accent modification services via live video teletherapy anywhere in the United States! Please message below to request a fee schedule and set up a free consultation to learn more about our program. 

(512) 649-4642‬

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