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Harmonic Speech Therapy offers a range of comprehensive speech and language services designed to meet your unique needs. From consultations and evaluations, to individualized speech, language and voice therapy, our focus is on a collaborative, personalized approach that helps you meet your goals. Most sessions are virtual, and we offer in person sessions in Cedar Park, TX. 


A combination of standardized and individualized assessments are used to recommend evidence-based treatment plans suited to your needs. Depending on what the main concerns are, a clinical evaluation of speech, language, voice, cognition, and function communication is completed. Evaluations allows us to provide a related diagnosis, goals, and a treatment program recommendation.


Therapy goals are personalized to be important to you and your loved ones. Person-centered, individualized, and effective treatments maximize your communication and independence. A home program may be provided to help you carry over all the skills and successes outside of our sessions for maximum benefit.

Specialized Treatments

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Augmentative & Alternative Communication

From creation of low-tech communication boards to setting up and training use of high-tech speech devices, Tallulah is passionate about helping those without a voice regain communication and environmental control through AAC.

Tallulah leads

Accent Modification

Also known as accent reduction, we use this treatment to teach individuals who speak English as a second language or professionals who want to communicate better at work to change the way they pronounce words. By making it easier to be understood, the listener's attention is focused on the message, rather than how the words are said.


Cognitive-Communicative Therapy

For individuals who have experienced neurological changes including strokes or traumatic brain injuries, or have neurodegenerative disorders such as dementia or ALS. Treatment involves an individualized, person-centered approach that addresses areas of need that may include speech, language, attention, memory, problem-solving, and more.

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Gender Affirming Voice & Communication Training

This treatment is also known as transgender or nonbinary voice therapy. Our culturally competent SLP teaches individuals experiencing gender dysphoria or discomfort to alter the aspects of voice and communication related to gender. We provide a judgment-free zone to best allow you to truly grow and adapt your voice to present as your gender identity and improve your communication confidence.

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