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Everything we do at Harmonic Speech Therapy, we do because we believe you deserve to live your best life. We believe your future is bright and you are worthy of the dedicated effort it takes to reach that bright future, filled with connection, acceptance, and choice.

The way we find your voice is by making our therapy personalized, intuitive, and impactful. We empower you to be heard and understood. 

And we happen to be speech-language pathologists.

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Meet Our Lead Clinician

Tallulah Breslin, M.S. CCC-SLP
Certified Speech-Language Pathologist

Hi there! I am Tallulah Breslin, owner and founder of Harmonic Speech Therapy. I am a passionate communication advocate. I offer affirming services for all identities.


"I will be forever grateful for the assistance with my mother. The techniques and therapy made a world of difference in her abilities and therefore to her overall happiness and well being. Tallulah goes above and beyond in problem solving and caring for the individual needs of each person. I enthusiastically endorse this fantastic essential service and will recommend it to everyone."                                                        -Kathleen Abbott, Patient's daughter

"Working with Tallulah has been great! She is very understanding and my feminine voice sounds so much smoother. I'm comfortable speaking and I really like how I sound."

                                                                                -Iris, client

"I have worked with Tallulah for three years. Her problem solving skills, out of the box thinking, and dedication to her patients and their families is undeniable. I have learned a lot about speech therapy and its benefits in areas of swallowing, cognition, voice, and task orientation. If I needed a speech therapist I would go see Tallulah and I recommend my patients go see her too."                                        -Chanda Seymour, Social Worker

"Your therapy has helped me understand all the factors of what makes a voice feminine. You are so kind with your patience. I've been ma'amed more and my voice sounds better than before therapy."                                                    -Zela, Client

"Tallulah is a life changer, and she really cares a lot not just about what people need but also what they want for their life. She's not a cookie cutter, she adjusts her treatment for each person. She makes the time to give each person what they fully need."

-Kara Yaeger Smith, Physical Therapy Assistant


All testimonials posted on have been provided voluntarily, are factual and reflect the real life experiences of our service users. You acknowledge and agree that these testimonials are not a guarantee that you will have the same or similar results. 

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Now serving California, Kansas, Michigan, New York, and Texas!

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