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Using Game Play For Training Gender Voice Expression

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Ever run into a client who feels too anxious to practice with you listening? Or is it just really hard to get your therapy group to stay engaged? Tallulah Breslin's presentation at the TAGGs Summit this month covers all that, and more!

As we gender voice teachers know all too well, one of our biggest challenges can be navigating dysphoria during voice practice. A common hobby among gender diverse individuals is roleplay gaming. Tallulah's presentation explains how to use board games and DnD style roleplay to make voice training approachable.

Geek therapists are already using gaming to help their clients navigate anxiety, depression, and other challenging emotions. Having the ability to mix in roleplaying different character's voices is a great new tool to add to your toolbox! Your clients too may find it easier to address difficult topics if they're playing a character.

If you're new to working with gender diverse individuals, or just want a refresher on the ever changing terminology, there is a great overview at the beginning that will get you up to speed. And if you stick around to the end, she also has a thorough overview of all the different variables we can access to change our own gender voice presentations.

Support TAGG's non-profits by buying a summit pass, and don't forget to follow your next step towards inclusive practices- add your pronouns everywhere you list your name!

Looking to change your own voice gender expression, or know someone who is? Go ahead and schedule a free voice consultation to learn more!

-Tallulah Breslin, MS, CCC/SLP (she/they)

Gender & Identity Affirming Voice Training @Harmonic Speech Therapy

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