Gender Affirming Voice & Communication Training

Alter the gender cues used in everyday speech to confirm your gender identity with your voice

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How does voice training affirm gender?

We give you the tools to speak effortlessly with a healthy, authentic voice. Our training provides you with a reliable, natural sounding voice that matches your identity. Whether you are a trans-woman, trans-male, non-binary, or just want to change how your voice sounds, we can help you discover your voice.

What aspects of communication are addressed?

  • Your voice including pitch, intonation, speech rate, and volume

  • Real-life authentic communication experiences and safety

  • Using language to express gender

  • Achieving a healthy voice

  • Nonverbal communication, including vocalizations such as laughing and coughing

  • Using your voice to affirm your gender over the phone

  • Resonance and breath work

What to expect

  • Through a collaborative effort, we plan personalized treatment goals based on our comprehensive evaluation and your input. 

  • Depending on your needs, treatment can be once or twice weekly. Beginner and advanced feminine voice groups are also available to build your communication confidence in a supportive environment.

  • Treatment require a commitment to home practice most days for carryover

Our Service Model

  • Free initial phone consultations offer you an opportunity to ask questions.

  • ​Individual treatment sessions address the aspects of voice and communication that we are targeting in your treatment plan, review of the previous week's practice, and preparation for your home practice.

  • We accept BlueCross BlueShield of Texas, FSA/HSA cards  and credit cards. ​Upon request, we are able to provide a superbill for submitting to insurance. A sliding scale fee schedule based on client income is available upon request.

We can't wait to hear from you! 
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